Adding Roof Supports

After planning out my roof design and ordering some more supplies for the Roll-off-Roof, the next challenge was to actually start building it.

After lots of deliberation I decided to use v-shaped track and grooved wheels on both sides. I added full 4.2m length of 2x4s each side, levelled them up and secured them in place on top of 75x75cm upright posts.

These were secured to the ground using the same large galvanised steel spikes I used for the base. (I decided I can easily add some concrete around base of these at later date if there is ever any movement).

I finished it off with a cross beam and extra supports to each corner to make it stronger and more rigid.

Spoiler Alert: At this point I hadn’t decided to automate the roof yet, so later on I ended up coming back and re-doing the cross beam and supports, lowering them to allow guide track on the roof to pass over it without clashing, which you can see in the last image above.